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Sr. Lighting Designer is needed to perform the following duties:

Act as a liaison between production, designers and clients to ensure all aspects of the project runs smoothly and ensure production agendas remain on track and within project guidelines

    • This task involves team collaboration to review, analyze and determine opportunities and identify solutions to the interior and lighting design proposal for the space
    • This task also involves monitoring project plans, schedules, work hours, budgets and expenditures, organizing and participating in stakeholder meetings and ensuring that project deadlines are met in a timely manner.
    • Work with external architects on project execution as the key communication channel with the factories in China
    • Coordinate in collaboration with the designers on budget, project scope, and project schedule.
    • Monitoring budgets and construction schedule with contractors and purchasing managers and coordinating with the manufacturing plants and factories in China and Vietnam throughout the process;

Design and develop reporting to keep projects on target, identify issues, find resolutions and update management on projects.

    • Coordinate the efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants in order to deliver projects according to plan.
    • Generate locally sensitive and appropriate design briefs for projects, to be passed onto external architects for consideration.
    • Liaise with internal stakeholders to ensure that each design proposal meets the state design guidelines.

Prepare budget estimates of light fixtures, furnishings, finishes and services.

    • Coordinate with teams regarding requirements (e.g architectural finishes or furnishings needed, plumbing ware required, FF&E, etc.)
    • Draft contracts where required;
    • Furniture Procurement;

Create shop drawings for custom-made lights and engineering products to be feasible for usage.

    • Analyzing the space to use the items being specified
    • Review shop drawings from manufacturing factories and control deviation from approved drawings package;
    • Manage on-site installation to control derivation with design proposal;
    • Conduct post installation assessments (e.g. defects checks with an emphasis on timely rectification)

Get well versed with lighting and material standards for Marriott, Hilton and other Intercontinental hotel groups.

    • Research and study the standard and norms for hospitality design and
    • Obtain fixture quotes and provide accurate pricing and recommendations for fixture solution
    • Ability to utilizing external vendors, internal pricing sheets and pricing database for accurate quotes.

Provide lighting design layouts using Agi32 and lighting design solutions for decorative lighting.

    • Coordinate design proposal with external architect, construction companies, general contractors and all relevant stakeholders to meet construction design guidelines and also address or harness local constraints and peculiarities;
    • Ensure the lighting, finishes, products chosen by the designer specified for the project are feasible for usage
    • Manage initial lighting fixture take-off based on fixture schedule and counts set forth by client
    • Continue to learn vendor products, trends, technology and systems as they relate to lighting systems obtaining continuing education credits where available.

Evaluate suppliers, negotiate contracts, and review product quality and ensure all products being supplied to the industry are certified and follow all standards and certifications required.

    • Source multiple suppliers for the furniture, furnishings, equipment, lighting needed for a project and evaluate costs and material details from all vendors
    • Negotiate as required and in collaboration with the factories in China the costs, quotation process and contract terms with contractors;
    • Work directly with manufacturers and vendors regarding lead times, product availability and pricing.

Manage and supervise the company’s office in China to ensure the best quality and delivery of each and every product.

    • Provide feedback to the factories and manufacturing plants in China regarding local design constraints and suggest resolutions to in order to achieve proposals that meet codes and guidelines.
    • Assist in identifying gaps in the information provided and keep track of answers as they come from the estimating department and the client.

Bachelor’s degree is required in Interior Design or Lighting Design or Interior Lighting Design.